Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ④

“夏期休暇中に英国で行われたUCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023に本校からも4名の生徒が参加しました。

Report about Stay at UCL
July 26th, 2023

Introduction of UCL Foundation courses & Undergraduate

In the afternoon, the students were treated to three enlightening lectures on leadership and AI technology. The discussions on leadership emphasized the significance of mindsets, with both Mr. Chivers from UCL Academy and Dr. Berry from UCL School of Management eloquently driving this point home. It was evident that they valued the importance of adopting the right mindset for effective leadership. As for the intriguing topic of AI technology, the students were amazed by its immense potential to enhance and simplify our lives in the future. However, some found the research presentation a bit complex, making it challenging to fully grasp the structure and practical applications. Nonetheless, the possibilities offered by AI technology left everyone hopeful for an accessible and sophisticated future. One particularly realistic and beneficial highlight of the day was the introduction of the foundation course, expertly explained by Mr. Martin White from UCL Centre for Languages and International Education (CLIE). This presentation provided invaluable insights into the detailed process of gaining acceptance to UCL for the first time. While I had covered some of the necessary procedures in my class, Mr. White’s talk offered even greater clarity on the matter. To ensure my students succeed in their applications, I, as an English teacher, believe in providing them with numerous opportunities to excel. This includes encouraging some to become president of the student council, engaging in volunteer work, participating in academic competitions, or presenting their school life discoveries at conferences. By offering these experiences, my aim is to help them stand out and excel in their applications. Yet, I do observe that some Rikkyo students might be hesitant to venture into new challenges that are essential for their personal growth. While our school provides plenty of exciting academic programs, some students seem reluctant to take on more demanding tasks. It’s crucial that they take the initiative to broaden their horizons and develop themselves further, as it’s only with such determination that they can surpass their expectations and secure spots at prestigious international universities like UCL. In conclusion, I sincerely hope that my students will embrace a proactive approach and push themselves to achieve more. With their own drive and determination, they can truly make a positive difference in their lives and reach new heights of success”