Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ⑦Report of UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023 ⑦“夏期休暇中に英国で行われたUCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023に本校からも4名の生徒が参加しました。

Report about Stay at UCL
July 29th, 2023

London group sightseeing, Final ceremony, & Farewell party

What is resilience? This thought-provoking question set the tone at the beginning of the program, prompting multiple insightful approaches to decipher this somewhat elusive concept. Risa, a brilliant student from UCL, captivated the audience by commending their decision-making and relentless effort, whether they hailed from Japan or the UK. She candidly shared her own struggles during the program, resonating beautifully with the attendees and forging a strong connection.

In her inspiring speech, Risa emphasized the significance of three definitive words: embracing opportunities to conquer difficulties, welcoming new challenges, and envisioning a promising future. Her words were both motivational and grounded in reality, leaving a lasting impression on all participants present. Meanwhile, the students’ feelings about the program could be succinctly summarized in one powerful word: friendship. The value of forging meaningful connections was not limited to mere socializing, but extended to engaging in enduring conversations that shared happiness, sorrow, and the triumph over adversity. The genuine smiles exchanged among participants from diverse nationalities during their joint sightseeing experiences offered a glimpse into the essence of resilience. Ultimately, resilience emerged as a potent force to tackle unexpected events down the road, underlined by the profound sense of camaraderie that blossomed among the attendees. The program not only shed light on the meaning of resilience but also provided valuable insights into what we should consider and embrace to thrive in the face of uncertainty. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff members, volunteer teachers, and students who played an integral role in making this academic program a success. Their dedication and commitment have been truly commendable, and I am thankful for their contributions. Above all, I want to extend my deepest appreciation to Wataru Tage, the visionary organizer behind the UCL-Japan Youth Challenge 2023. Wataru’s leadership, passion, and tireless efforts have been instrumental in bringing this program to fruition and creating a platform for growth and learning for all participants involved. I thank everyone for their invaluable support and unwavering enthusiasm. This journey would not have been possible without each and every one of them.”